I'm Faisal Zarar

I bring over six years of expertise as a Expert Freelance Website Developer, Digital Marketer, and SEO Analyst . I create attractive designs with smooth functionality, run strategic campaigns for higher engagement and conversions, and enhance online visibility through careful SEO. I stay updated with the latest trends, ensuring top-tier solutions. Let’s work together to strengthen your digital presence

Expert Freelance Website Developer, Digital Marketer, and SEO Analyst in dubai

Web Content

As a web content creator, I craft compelling narratives that captivate audiences through strategic keyword integration and SEO optimized engaging user experience

Web Design

I create visually appealing and functional websites by combining design creativity with technical skills from layout and graphics to coding and functionality

Search Engine

Adapting to search engine algorithms, I amplify organic traffic, boosting site accessibility and aligning content precisely with users search intent for optimal online impact


With an adept understanding of programming languages and frameworks, I tackle glitches swiftly whether it's debugging, enhancing functionality, or optimizing performance

My Skills

Why Hire Me For Next Project?

Drawing upon my established history of achieving remarkable outcomes across the realms of freelance website development, freelance digital marketing, and SEO analysis, I offer a distinctive fusion of proficiencies. My ability to understand your vision and code it into reality, coupled with my commitment to meeting deadlines and exceeding expectations, ensures a successful project outcome

If you’re seeking someone with these qualities for your project, don’t hesitate to get in touch

  • Innovative Solutions
  • Attention to Detail
  • Collaborative Approach
  • User-Centric Focus
  • Deadline-Oriented
  • Passion for Excellence
  • Long-term Vision
Project 1

Step into a world of fashion and convenience with the Perfect Style eDress website, I take pride in as a freelance website developer specializing in WordPress. This platform has enabled me to craft an immersive shopping experience for fashion enthusiasts, seamlessly integrating an array of stylish clothes with eCommerce functionality. Keys to focus on project

  • Effortless Shopping
  • Secure Transactions
  • Doorstep Delivery
Project 2

Taking on Lendit was really tough, probably the hardest thing I’ve done. It’s a website about renting stuff. I started doing On-Page SEO and some quality backlinks to make sure it shows up when people search online. The website was developed in Laravel and it’s all in Estonian. Making it work well was a big challenge that I was excited to tackle. And using Estonian Keywords research added another tricky part. But I managed to make the website smooth progress and achieved project goal. Keys to focus on project

  • Keyword Mastery

  • Crafting Success

  • Seamlessly Estonian Language Backlinks

Project 3

Feast your eyes on a project that brings taste and design together, Restaurant Landing Page I created using power of Elementor Builder I sculpted a captivating digital space that mirrors the restaurant’s ambiance. I artfully combined the flavors of aesthetics and functionality to showcase the restaurant’s unique offerings. Every pixel was crafted with responsiveness in mind, ensuring an appetizing experience across all devices. Keys to focus on project

  • User Friendly

  • Responsive Design

  • Fast Loading Speed

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Years Experience

Over the past decade, I've collaborated with several freelance website developers and digital marketers. Finding someone with their level of skill and attention to detail is a rarity. His performance was superb, exceeding my expectations. I'm definitely planning to hire this Dubai-based website developer again.

Danielle Dino
Founder of Webcasa

Faisal excelled in our SEO project. Their strategic approach boosted our organic traffic, resulting in impressive leads and conversions. Transparent communication and professionalism made working together a pleasure. A true SEO expert, highly recommended for results-driven collaborations.

Amman Payne
CEO of Future tech

Let's Work Together

Collaboration with skilled freelance website developer, freelance digital marketer, and SEO analyst in Dubai can yield remarkable results. Let’s work together to achieve your goals.

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